SoundVision Marin

Winner – 2008 NARI Remmie "Best Home Theater" Award

Creating an “Escape”

The client, a playwright, wanted a space where she could comfortably relax for hours watching independent films, engage in conversations with friends and be immersed in creative thought.

She wanted to invoke feelings of destination, transition and drama. “This is very cool,” was what she wanted visitors to say when they stepped into her space.

Challenges & Solutions

Without doubt, electronic hardware, equipment, cables are an eye sore. Lights on electronic components are also distracting. In addition, the best speakers are ones no one can see. SoundVision’s challenge was making the hardware, components and wires all disappear.

– To achieve a clean design, SoundVision recessed high performance in-wall speakers into 4-inch stud bays, making them totally concealed by a perforated movie screen—a technique used in movie theaters.

– We recessed large subwoofers into the wall, and they were completely hidden by the fabric wall covering.

– Further concealing electronic components, we installed A/V hardware in the closet of an adjacent room.

Another challenge was dampening the fan noise of the projector.

Our approach:

– We recessed the projector into the soffit above the room, and created a cowl for the projector for ventilation and to further dampen the fan noise.

Mood was extremely important to our client, so the lighting and décor had to invoke an “escape” for her.

– Deep shades of blue across all finishes established the room’s mood while optimizing video performance.

– The fabric wall covering improved acoustics and enhanced speech recognition.

– The custom sofa comfortably seats four, maximizes space while creating an intimate setting.

– The blue cove LED lighting fixture complements the transition from land to sky.

– To add a more spacious feeling, a custom fiber optic “starfield” was fabricated from fiberglass.

– One touch movie lighting controls dim pendants slowly and activate the starfield.

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